Friday, October 14, 2011

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Although this isn't typical of my usual posts, since Halloween is fast approaching I feel like it would be appropriate to share with you something that might get you in the mood for the festivities on the 31st. And since it does involve a historic home I have blogged about in the past I am sure you will find it interesting. Last Saturday I was asked by the North Brevard Heritage Foundation in Titusville to house sit at the historic Pritchard House while a paranormal society did an investigation into claims that the house was haunted.

As anyone who was in the area knows the weekend of Oct. 8th will go down in the history books for the weekend's hurricane like "unnamed storm" that dumped almost a foot of rain in the county and battered us with 80 mph wind gusts. On Saturday in the midst of this I drove to Titusville with my friend Alex and arrived at the Pritchard house to meet another volunteer, Sherry. Since I know the Pritchard family genealogy well I joked that I should be able to recognize any ghosts if they showed up. After we got situated in the front hall I decided to ask any spirits there to show themselves or give us a sign, upon which a clock on the wall that was not wound up or plugged in chimed once! Then I said, "Well I guess you are here," upon which a light in the front parlor turned itself on and stayed on!

If that wasn't convincing enough when the investigators showed up around 10pm Alex and I stationed ourselves in the master bedroom. Beside the chair I was sitting in was an antique light that I was admiring, and while I wondered to myself it was original to the house it too came on and stayed on. I started asking if anyone was with us and started calling out the names of deceased family members. Shortly after the closed bedroom door opened and closed by itself several times. Then things got really weird! As we were talking to each other in very low voices we both realized at the same time that there was a child's voice talking over us in the room. We both clearly heard a child calling out "Momma" three times. A short while later my friend turned white and his hair stood up all over and he said that he felt something come right up close to him in his space and then something whispered in his ear, "Get Out!" Needless to say we had our fill for the night and exited soon after. The weird thing is that previous to this Alex did not believe at all in the supernatural and was convinced those things are all made up. This experience has certainly changed his mind!

Turns out we found out later that previous investigators had heard a child crying for its mother and that a lady on the stairs was also told to "Leave now." It's gotta make you wonder???